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of state hillary clinton heads to the region on a surprise, urgent mission to stop the fighting. extreme weather. triple-punch. massive storms slam the west coast with record rains and winds over 110 miles an hour. now, a growing risk of landslides, as 100 inches of snow could slam the mountains tonight. neighborhood blast mystery. police announcing the giant explosion that destroyed dozens of homes in indiana and killing a high school teacher and her husband is a criminal act. a manhunt for the new suspects right now. ♪ baby there ain't no mountain high enough ♪ and the next steps for our friend robin, opening up to her sister in her first revealing interview. how she first knew her transplant was really working. and what she can't wait for right now. >> i'm going to get the early bird specials! i'm going to get to go out. be around people.
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and good morning, america. how great is it to see robin joking around, smiling. >> she looks fantastic. the early bird special. fair warning everybody out there. >> that's right. >> she walked out of there. >> she's going to the early bird special. i think you're right about that. great to have elizabeth vargas here. we have a lot of news to get to, including the breaking news out of the middle east. a u.s. embassy is attacked in israel by a man wielding an ax and a knife as we said. >> that's right, it's all happening overnight. christiane amanpour had been reporting that any ground invasion by israel is at hold at this hour. that is good news because that was a big step toward escalating in the violence. >> and hillary clinton on her way there to meet with all sides. let's get right to abc's matt gutman in ramallah with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. anger rising in ramallah, where secretary of state clinton is to arrive later today.
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just 40 miles here in tel aviv, an israeli man stabbing a guard at the embassy, showing how tense things are here. an israeli man armed with an ax and a knife, stabbed a guard at the u.s. embassy in tel aviv. the guard was wounded but apparently managed to fire off a few shots. the security officers wrestling the man to the ground. secretary clinton arrives today in an effort to calm a roiling middle east, with the administration coming under fire for its apparent lack of action. >> the conversations you're having with israel about this. are you at any point asking them to maybe rein things in? [ explosion ] >> reporter: tensions here fraying. 70 miles south of here, in gaza. israeli jets cratering over 100 targets, killing 5. and gaza militants blasted over 60 rockets in israel. and abc news was there as one family bolted to their bomb shelter when sirens sounded. with columns of israeli tanks
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massing on the border, the israeli cabinet is stepping back from the brink, postponing a ground invasion for a day, warning only a long-term cease-fire could avert a ground assault. and the wildcard, of course, george, is the millions of palestinians living in the west bank. and with israel seeming to negotiate albeit indirectly with hamas, more than it has with the palestinian authorities, going to be a very difficult task for secretary clinton to bring some sort of lasting calm here. george? >> boy, it sure is. the white house said time and time again, that israel is right to defend itself. but they want to de-escalate this conflict. >> and depending on egypt to help in that whole effort. all right. let's turn to the deadly string of storms that are pummeling the west coast. with rains, high winds and mud slides. sam champion warned us about it yesterday. he's here right now with the very latest. hey, sam. >> good morning, elizabeth. it's been a very difficult 24 hours, with 3 storms stacked up in the northwest. one already in. another one about to move in today. basically, this second low will push the heaviest rain south
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from redding into san francisco. these are high-elevation winds, right at the top of the mountain have been 114 miles per hour. the top rains have been seven to nine inches of rain. again in the top but even from seattle, all the way to portland, there's been three to four inches of rain. that's two to three days of incredibly bad weather. and two more days of bad weather coming. torrential downpours in the pacific northwest have brought nearly eight inches of rain since sunday. from oregon to washington. wind gusts of 114 miles an hour in washington state toppled trees and knocked out power to over 50,000 residents. members of seaside, oregon's, fire department had to run for cover, when their vehicle was demolished by a falling tree. >> they were quick enough. they all ran. >> reporter: another near-miss in south bend, washington. a state trooper narrowly escapes a patrol car when a tree comes down on highway 101, igniting the vehicle in a burst of flames. downed power lines are described as being everywhere, and residents are getting warnings
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again this morning of potential flash flooding. >> the next couple days, the water will be coming up fast. we have to be aware of that. keep an eye on the weather conditions just don't be around the water for now. >> now, most of the country is going to see incredibly dry, warm weather. the possibility of 77 and temperatures like dallas, and maybe 60 degrees in chicagoland. look at the northwest, if you're traveling over the next couple of days. this doesn't leave. it's anywhere from seattle to san francisco. there's pretty large airports in the middle of that. seatac, also san francisco airport itself. the ice, the wind, the rain, the snow, still there. now, back to the desk. >> sam, thank you so much. josh has the other top stories. including a series of arrests last night in california. indeed, breaking overnight, elizabeth. four men taken into custody and accused of plotting to kill americans and targets overseas. the suspects as elizabeth just mentioned, american citizens from california. abc's senior justice correspondent, pierre thomas, has the latest on this investigation. good morning, to you, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, josh. sources tell us this is the
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latest indication there's radicals among us. when you look at the government's charges released overnight, what's disturbing is that the alleged ring leader was a former member of the u.s. air force. the fbi was alerted to the case after an associate of the men turned them in. the fbi claims the alleged terror cell had conducted training, including going to shooting ranges and were planning to travel to afghanistan to bomb and kill u.s. soldiers. it appears to have been more than just talk. authorities claim the men had bought tickets to fly to mexico and then on to afghanistan. and there's more evidence of the power of the internet to create terrorism. the men had been studying online, the teachings of anwar al awlaki, killed by a u.s. drone in yemen in 2011. apparently even in death, al awlaki remains lethal. >> a grim reminder. thank you for that. meanwhile, new hope for our 401(k)s this morning. wall street has reversed course. staging the biggest rally in two months, gaining more than 200
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points. investors growing more optimistic that the government will be able to avoid that so-called fiscal cliff of tax increases and spending cuts looming at year's end. also, home sales are picking up. builder confidence said to be at the highest level in some 6 1/2 years. and one last hope, perhaps, for the maker of the twinkie. a bankruptcy judge has ordered hostess and its union to attend mediation talks today to try to resolve their differences. if the talks do fail, the company's liquidation hearings will pick up again tomorrow. and we're getting a better idea how big a bite hurricane sandy actually took out of the jersey shore itself. take a look at this. a new survey finding, the average beach in new jersey is now 30 to 40 feet more narrow. that storm literally reshaping the coastline. some of the state's most famous beaches last some half of their sound. one town, in fact, lost an astounding 150 feet of beach front. and a big scare for utility workers high above new york city. they were pulled to the roof of
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a 13-story building after their scaffolding malfunctioned. a city firefighter was lowered down to secure the men before they were then pulled to safety. thankfully, no one was hurt. and finally, a stunning sight inside a hospital in canada. take a look as the wall inside this emergency room gives way. a flood of water bursting through, as nurses were sent scrambling to evacuate patients. it was no act of mother nature. turns out, a water main burst. the flood so bad, that the e.r., one of canada's busiest, will be shut down for days. thankfully, no one was hurt here, either. but more than 100 surgeries had to be canceled. >> the water was just building up in the wall. >> building and bursting. >> wow, that's amazing. >> again, it's in british columbia, one of the busiest in the country. >> and the hospitals here are still reeling from hurricane sandy. okay, josh, thanks. we have a shocking twist in the indiana home explosion last week that killed a young couple. authorities said monday that the blast was no accident.
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and they are now launching a homicide investigation. abc's alex perez has the latest from indianapolis. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, george. it's been ten days since a big chunk of this neighborhood was blown to pieces. and police are calling this a criminal homicide. they're on the hunt for two people, last seen in a white van leaving the area the day of the explosion. this morning, investigators are saying that the blast that killed an elementary schoolteacher and her husband, damaging nearly 100 homes was no accident. >> the investigation that paralleled the fire investigation led us to believe that this may be a criminal homicide. >> reporter: police announced the homicide investigation just hours after funeral services for dion and jennifer longworth. a couple lived next door to shirley's home, leveling the longworth's home, and scorching 86 others. shirley and her family were not home at the time. >> my neighbor called me.
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said, where are you? i'm glad you're alive. i'm devastated, like everybody else. >> reporter: for more than a week, investigators from six different agencies have been combing through the destruction, looking for answers. >> it's a large, explosive scene. so we have debris scattered for quite a ways. it is complex. we have to put all the pieces together, including the human factor. >> reporter: assistant prosecutor denise robinson has said that surge has led them to zero in on a suspicious white van, spotted in the neighborhood the day of the blast. >> we do have individuals of interest that we're looking at. obviously, we're focused on the white van and the occupants. >> reporter: neighbors say the news only confirms their suspicions. >> this did not come as a surprise because we thought something like this was more than just an accident. >> reporter: and many neighbors here just hoping that this is resolved so that they can know what exactly happened here.
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there's an 11,000ed reward for any information leading to an arrest. elizabeth? >> all right, alex. thanks so much for that report. let's bring in "gma's" legal analyst, dan abrams, with more on this. dan, criminal homicide charges, this isn't just something like failing, you know, to fix a furnace in the basement that you know is broken and needs repaired. >> unclear what they might charge someone with. unclear who they might charge. but no question, that if they can demonstrate that someone was intending to commit, let's say, arson, insurance fraud, you name it, what the reason was. they can show someone intending to commit arson, and as a result, two people died, that's a murder charge. >> you didn't mean to mean to kill the people? >> that's right. only have to meant to commit the arson. in order to be charged with murder. that's why it's such a serious investigation because there were two deaths here. >> we know in the fire scenes, it's amazing what investigators can find out about how a fire started, how an explosion began. but what was it, do you think that tipped the balance? for so long, everybody thought there was a gas leak in the
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area. >> yeah. i think it was a combination of two things. it was, number one, ruling out certain causes. i think they've had enough time now to be able to say we know it wasn't this in conjunction with witness interviews. it's leading them to have serious questions about certain individuals. and heard them talking about particular individuals. they're saying who they are. they're not saying why. but there's no question they're interviewing witnesses and executing search warrants has led them to say we believe this was likely more than an accident. >> they are looking for individuals in a white van. what do you make of this? especially given the fact that the people who own the house in question at the center of the explosion, were all out of the house, even the family cat was out of the house. >> i think that's why people are asking questions, right? the whole family's gone. even the cat is boarded up. there was the moving of a car that had been near the house. but this white van becomes absolutely crucial. the question, if it had been there for so long, why was it
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suddenly moved that afternoon? that's what they want answers to. they want any information they can get about that van, who might have been in it. it sure sounds like they believe that's the key here. >> of course, reports that the owners of that house in question had tried to sell it. the deal went through. maybe this was a way to -- >> maybe. we have to be careful to figure out exactly what even the authorities believe a motive might be. >> okay, dan abrams. i'm sure we'll hear more on the case as it develops. >> a lot of questions. the latest on the millionaire software developer suspected of murder in belize. he's been on the run for more than a week. but that hasn't stopped him from speaking out to abc news. and linsey davis has that interview. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. for a man who says he is on the run because he fears the government of belize wants him dead, john mcafee certainly isn't keeping a low profile. instead, he is using elaborate disguises to hide in plain sight. and declaring his innocence to several reporters, including me. john mcafee, the american software tycoon wanted for questioning in the murder of his neighbor, says he has nothing to
7:14 am
hide. but this morning, he's still doing just that. how long will he stay on the run? this has to be exhausting. >> it's extremely exhausting. i will stay on the run, until the real killer of gregory faull is caught. >> reporter: the 67-year-old has been eluding police since november 11th, since his neighbor in belize, greg faull, was found shot in the head. mcafee has not been charged. but ever since investigators called him a person of interest, he's been in the wind, simultaneously declaring his innocence, while taunting investigators. what do you say to the belize officials who are calling you bonkers and paranoid? >> they may call me as they wish. i do not intend to turn myself in no matter what they call me. >> reporter: instead, mcafee seems to enjoy playing cat and mouse, saying he's been stuffed back from his sprawling compound. >> i want to be near where things are happening.
7:15 am
hiding out in the bushes is helping no one. >> reporter: he's launched a new website, who is where he's blogging about his elaborate disguises. i darken the skin of my face, neck and hands carefully with shoe polish. i stuff my cheeks with chewed bubble gum. a costume so convincing he writes, while peddling small wooden carvings, i nearly sold a dolphin carving to an associated press reporter. while mcafee says he's convinced police will kill him if they find him, he says he would rather hide than flee. >> this is my home. why would i leave here? >> reporter: and he says, even if he's arrested, he has enough material for his blog to keep running for the next year and he also has someone to keep it going. i asked him, why don't you leave belize? if you believe it's so corrupt. because, it's beautiful and it's my home. >> even if he has to hide out. he's something of a lobbying campaign? >> on his blog, he is urging people to write into their congressmen about the social injustices in belize. >> we'll see if he gets a response. linsey, thanks very much. >> i like the fact that he has enough material to blog for a
7:16 am
year. all right, linsey. now to another story. new research that's completely okay. i'll say it. somebody wrote it. it's completely bananas. >> did you say that? >> yeah. science -- science showing that getting older isn't always so great. wow. what a news headline. and that just like humans, apes can experience a midlife crisis. abc's rob nelson has the story. >> reporter: it turns out, chimps, gorillas, even orangutans, have midlife crises, too. in fact, a new study says, just like humans, great apes reach that point in their lives when perhaps they realize their silver backs really are turning gray. >> we've known that for about 20 years that humans go through this "u" shape of happiness in their lives. are for 20 years, we have failed to get to the bottom of that. >> reporter: but scientists now think they have. researchers asked zoo keepers to judge how successful the apes they care for have been at achieving personal goals. you know, career-defining
7:17 am
moments like climbing a rope or reaching a prize treat. >> what we're measuring is their cycle well-being, let's call it the happiness of apes. that's at the low point in the middle of their lives. >> reporter: it turns out that pattern looks suspiciously like the one for humans. happy at the beginning and end of life. but feeling a little -- well, bananas, at middle age. proof that the much maligned mid-life crisis isn't just an excuse to buy a new car. it really is deeply biological. the good news, scientists say, as we age, things get better for apes and humans. chimp haven animals recently proved that, making headlines when one fathered a child very late in life. it may not be a convertible. but, hey. at least it's something. for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc news, new york. >> are you going to tell ali, that it's biology? >> that's right. it's all in my dna.
7:18 am
i knew i could see a couple convertibles in there. >> of course. a motorcycle or two. let's check in, now, with sam champion for a look at the morning's weather. hello, sam. >> good morning. i'm just checking out the picture that just two seconds ago came in from charlotte. it's a beautiful sunrise there. it's gorgeous in a lot of the country. by the time we get to thursday, maybe 60 degrees in new york city, 60s in washington, d.c., maybe near 70 by the time we get to atlanta, there will be a big cooldown by the weekend. let's enjoy the great weather. out of washington, d.c., beautiful stuff, all the way up and down the eastern seaboard for the most part and across the country. here's the numbers. minneapolis, going to 61 by thursday. chicago, 62. st. louis, 70 degrees. dallas, 80. dallas is 77 during the day today. while the northwest does have a big problem, most of the country is in really good shape. take a look at the gorgeous weather in the east coast. that's a storm that could have been a problem again. but this large area of high pressure just shoved it out in the atlantic.
7:19 am
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>> we should point out that 18 in anchorage is about 20 degrees below where it normally should be this time of year. unseasonably cold air waiting up there. we'll talk about that and how it affects the rest of the country. >> 18 in anchorage. sam, thanks very much. coming up on "gma," listen to this -- >> i have felt the prayers. i have felt people lifting me up. i put no small measure on that as the reason i'm doing as well as i am. >> all that reaching out is helping robin. we'll have the latest on her journey, coming up. she sits down with her sister, sally ann, in a revealing one-on-one interview. >> can't wait to hear that. don't go away. that. don't go away.
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♪ target redcard... ♪ target redcard... ♪ save 5% and get... ♪ free shipping! ♪ it's on. hit the sale. ♪ hallelujah. grab your redcard. ♪ ♪ hallelujah! good morning i'm eric thomas. breaking news peninsula fatal caltrain accident involving a pedestrian is slowing the commute for everybody. let's find out what is going on. still major delays it happened after 6:00 this morning charleston avenue northbound caltrain struck a pedestrian they had a bus bridge in place for a while both directions were shutdown now the bus bridge eliminated, single tracking still major delays you are recommended to take vta. another tough commute westbound highway 4 earlier accident port chicago highway
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still jams, 30 minute drive into concord. earlier accident westbound off the dumbarton has been cleared. >> when we come back, meteorologist mike nicco
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welcome back. rain in downtown san francisco be ready for rainy time today. darfur rain any time today.
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i need to start the show. you can see rain -- starting to pull out of san francisco and heading the bay bridge towards the east bay, steadier rain across the north bay. bulk of the wet weather to the north. scattered shower possible any time today with [ male announcer ] steak and lobster is on the menu at sizzler. a fresh-cut tri tip sirloin
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again? and that's how i feel. >> exactly the way robin should feel. after all, she's only 61 days old, with all that new bone marrow. talking with her sister, sally-ann. opening up about her recent hospital stay. and the moment she knew her transplant was working. we're going to have all that coming up. and we're going to talk, live, to robin's doctor in a little bit. >> what a great attitude, though. i mean, you know, gosh. >> it gives so much strength to others, as well. >> it sure does. >> it gives us strength. it makes me happier. >> smiling ear-to-ear, just looking at her. >> and, robin, she looks really young, right? she looks like a little girl. i can't wait to hear what she has to say. >> just a wee, little baby. >> we cannot wait to hear from her. also, we have a provocative new documentary out, that makes the case that a serial killer was actually behind the deaths of o.j. simpson's ex-wife, nicole brown simpson and her friend, ron goldman.
7:31 am
why the so-called killer, according to this documentary, is confessing now. >> that's interesting. and hopefully, we're talking about trash-to-treasure. we asked all of you to send in pictures, videos, asking if i could help repurpose, reinvent, your second-hand finds. among those that i helped, former teen queen, tiffany. who knew? >> no way. >> who knew? >> i think we're not alone now. >> everybody needs some help. >> tiffany and i, at the flea market. >> ding. ding. that was for you, robin roberts! so that's coming up. also, highlights from a sizzling night in the ballroom. the best part about it, former guest judge, paula abdul. joining us live. she's in the house today. >> great night. >> great job on "dancing with the stars." right now, let's get to the latest on robin's journey. and talked with her sister sally ann. it first aired on sally-ann's home station, wwltv, in new orleans.
7:32 am
>> everywhere i go, robin, people ask me, how is your sister? how are you doing? >> it's not a journey that goes like this. it's a journey that kind of zigzags and there are complications and things like that. but i feel good. i feel stronger every day. >> when did you know that the transplant was working? >> the doctors were telling me, we're not going to tell you if it's working. you're going to tell us by how you feel. and just like that, it was ten days later, i woke up. i'm like, where y'all been? that's when i knew. >> reporter: two sisters on a journey, that has taught them and us about facing tough times with gratitude and grace. >> when i recently went back into the hospital, i was emotionally down. and then, i just started changing the way i think. i said, because you're here for them to check up on you it's a
7:33 am
tuneup. i have felt the prayers. i have felt people lifting me up. i put no small measure on that as the reason that i'm doing as well as i am. >> reporter: robin's next big step is coming soon. december 29th marks 120 days since her bone marrow transplant. >> that's the next great milestone. my great doctor, dr. sergio giralt, told me recently, i'm going to get to go to early bird specials. i'm going to get to go out. be around people. >> reporter: that is robin's joy. and friday, another big day. her birthday. >> this is a birthday gift from mom and from me. and we'd be singing to you -- ♪ happy birthday to ya happy birthday to ya ♪ ♪ happy birthday >> oh, my goodness. >> and mom would want you to
7:34 am
wear that and have that. >> oh, sally-ann. this is really beautiful. >> i feel as though mom waited until she was sure that you would have what you need because it was the day after i donated the stem cells that mom went home. >> and this is the first time that i have been through any traumatic experience without her physically being here. and it has weighed on me. but i do believe that it was her way of making sure, that all of her children could be taken care of. and i said this. it was a -- you know, she was there when i took my first breath. and what an honor it was to be there when she took her lost. >> her mom's wisdom and love, guiding robin through a challenge we know she'll overcome. >> i look at it as a clean slate. and how many people can say, at
7:35 am
this point in their lives, that they get a do-over. that get a chance to start again? and that's how i feel. we're all a little bit stronger. a little bit stronger than we think. and that's all we need. >> and that is the robin we know. we're joined, now, by a key member of team robin, gail roboz. of new york presbyterian hospital. thanks for coming back. let's talk about what put robin back in the hospital. she called it a tune-up. >> well, there are gazillions of germs out there, and by the time we're kids, we're fighting them off. sometimes we are fighting an infection. and sometimes the immune system takes care of it for us before we know anything. but those bugs hang around. and they're inside of us and there are lots of them. >> she didn't really feel it. >> she didn't feel anything. that's the thing. we monitor these sneaky germs very carefully. that's why the posttransplant monitoring is so important.
7:36 am
we check and sometimes, we can pick up even tiny, tiny amounts of a virus before a patient knows anything. and the good part about that is that if we stomp it out quickly before it turns into an infection, it's much, much easier. >> you know, robin has such a great attitude. but this has to be emotionally tough for her. >> it's so hard to go back in the hospital. think of the joy we saw on tv when she left. she was so happy to be out of there. and it's hard not to worry when you go back. that, wait, is everything okay? am i going to be okay? how long is this going to take? and she rallied so quickly. she's been recovering very, very strongly. >> so, as robin progresses and she comes into more contact with the outside world, should she expect more bugs like this? >> the bugs are out there. and she is not ready to be in crowds. is not ready to be surrounded. the monitoring has to be continuing. although she's going to be out for her early-bird special, the point is to go when there's not tons of people around. >> tell us more about these stages.
7:37 am
she is coming up on the key day, day 100, really soon. >> we don't want to be married to a calendar. they are important milestones. but they don't necessarily mean, everything will be fine on a specific day. and the monitoring continues. we've got to be vigilant. never let the guard down. she's doing really, really well. but it's not about the calendar. it's about watching her and making sure her systems are fully ready to fight off the whole world. >> so far, so good, getting stronger every day. >> absolutely. you can see it by looking at her. >> dr. roboz, thank you very much. isn't that great, guys? >> oh, fantastic. as emotional as it is, it's also so empowering to see her gaining strength. see her looking better and feeling better and feeling things again. >> we're in the early bird special, robin. >> i'm just amazed by the attitude and that comment she made that we're all a little stronger than we think i think says it all.
7:38 am
>> i don't know anybody stronger. it's an honor. it's such an honor to be just a tiny, little part of her life. >> amen. >> i think it's so good for everybody to see this update, too, because those eyes and that smile that you saw in the update, that's our robin. let's get to the boards, we've got one or two things we need to talk about. let's talk about this western storm. it's been a problem for four days now. the two days you've already been through. and the two days you're about to go through. each storm is bringing more rain. the worst conditions are in the higher elevations even though the coastline is getting a good soaking as well. yeah, this time of year, we're seeing the storms start to move in. this is three in a row. and it makes it for a messy couple of days. over the next 48 hours, medford, redding, portland. portland south, to san francisco, picking up the heaviest rain. that's two to four inches of additional rain. and the totals have been impressive. in the northeast, it is chilly this morning. boston tuesday lows at about 34 degrees. new york at about 40. philly, at 40. it's chilly this morning. and chilly for the next few mornings.
7:39 am
but the daytime temperatures will really rebound. by the time we get to thanksgiving, 60 degrees for the parade in philly. 60 degrees for the parad >> that's the big board. all that weather is brought to you by home depot. josh? elizabeth? george? lara? >> thank you, sam. coming up, the provocative new theory on who killed o.j. simpson's ex-wife, nicole, and ron goldman. the man confessing to the crime, right now. ldman. the man confessing to the crime, right now. and it is, by far, the best time to upgrade your appliances for less. washers and dryers that make laundry day a good day. refrigerators that keep energy bills low.
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back, now, at 7:42, with the provocative new theory we've been talking about this morning. who killed nicole brown simpson and ron goldman. o.j. simpson was acquitted in the 1994 murders but was found guilty, responsible in a civil cart for them. now, a new documentary, has a surprising theory. that the murders were actually committed by a los angeles serial killer. abc's dan harris has the story. >> not guilty of the crime of murder. >> reporter: we all know the story. o.j. simpson, accused of
7:44 am
murdering his ex-wife, nicole brown simpson and her friend, ron goldman. what people don't know is six weeks after simpson was acquitted, glen rogers was arrested, after going on a nationwide killing spree, after killing up to 70 people, many of them women. the new documentary, "my brother the serial killer" says it was rogers, not simpson, that did the murder. >> i'm certain that my brother, glen, killed nicole simpson and ron goldman. >> reporter: in the weeks beforehand, he told his brother, he was hanging around nicole. >> they have money. and i'm taking them down. >> reporter: rogers later told a criminal profiler that o.j. had hired him to steal back a pair of expensive earrings from nicole. saying, quote, you may have to kill the expletive. he also drew a picture of the
7:45 am
knife he supposedly used. >> the fact he's confessing now, surely means that it should open books on it. >> reporter: ron goldman's father, fred, is not buying it. telling tmz, quote, the fact of the acquittal at the hands of the jury, will never wash away the murder from the hands of o.j. simpson, no matter how many glen rogers pop up on the radar screen. >> it doesn't deal with the enormous amount of evidence pointing at o.j. simpson. >> reporter: while this new documentary is bound to generate some attention, it is, experts say, unlikely to change many minds about who did it. for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, new york. >> wow. provocative theory. let's switch a gear. coming up, take a look. it's a truck being piled high with bags full of something.
7:46 am
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here's "the play of the day." >> all right. to sum up, a phenomenal thing. robin, this one's for you. don't you try this at home, robin. all right? three guys from utah, collecting every, single bag of unwanted leaves they could find so they could do that. >> oh. >> jump into a 17-foot-high pile of leaves. >> i love it. >> then, they stopped and collected every, single leaf in utah. >> oh, my gosh, no. >> i'm serious, don't you dare do this. >> no. >> don't you do. >> remember that show on mtv? >> it looks fun. >> it does look fun. paula abdul, nicki minaj, live. people just like you have
7:51 am
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7:55 am
coming up on "good morning america," everybody knows how cool it is to refurbish second-hand finds, even tiffany. coming up.
7:56 am
traffic out of north san rafael towards lincoln earlier accident bumper-to-bumper past civic center, major cal taken delays earlier fatal accident palo alto station has trains single tracking with major delays of up to an hour. >> the news continues now with
7:57 am
"good morning america." another update "and what's your name?" "oh, it's flo." "and what do you do?" "oh, i sell insurance like no one else." "oh, that's nice." "thank you." now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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♪ ♪ i'm glad you came
8:00 am
and a whole, big crowd out there in times square this morning. robin, i hope you are watching right now. we have something very special for you at the anchor desk this morning. rico rodriguez from "modern family." >> there he is! >> hey. >> how are you guys? >> he is liking it up here. >> oh, yeah. feel very official. >> he brought us the breaking story that the green room's out of doughnuts. we're on it. >> it's still developing, though. >> you'll get back to us? >> i'll get back to you. >> i hear you're a huge football fan? >> yes, i am. you know, the people come here to "gma," and bring their signs. i brought a sign of my own. i'm a huge texas a&m fan. yeah. and if you don't like the home one, i brought a second one. >> i just want to point out, unfortunately, elizabeth and george are wearing u.t. orange. >> oh. >> i was worried about that. >> yeah. it's okay. he's holding the sign. so -- >> unfortunately, your team is
8:01 am
playing my team, my alma mater this weekend. >> sorry. >> mizzou. >> i have to say -- >> no, a&m. >> mizzou. >> we'll arm wrestle. >> it may be unfortunate for your team. i'm just saying. >> oh. >> he said it, not me. all i'm saying. >> josh. >> johnny football. >> i know. >> we're going to talk to you. you have written a book. >> yes. >> and directed a movie. that's his next project. >> are you serious? >> i want to. yeah. >> and anchored a morning show. also ahead, apparently how everyone can look their best on facebook. you can erase lines, blemishes, even years. >> i want to do that in my real life. >> see? i mean, it's social media. it's sort of, here i am. not here i am if i -- >> no, no. i say dress it up. dress it up. this is, i mean, you know? do the changes. >> that's like if you have a columnist, and the picture by the column was taken like 40 years ago. >> just like that. just like that. >> how many of those people are going to see you in person? look good on facebook.
8:02 am
why not? and where is she? is she here? she's forever my girl. paula abdul, by the way. ding. paula abdul. joining us live, by the way. after her performance on "dancing with the stars." she's going to give us -- no one dances like paula. no one knows dancing like paula. you're going to get the inside scoop on "dancing with the stars." look at that. >> what did she do to bruno? got bruno all excited. >> paula abdul on "gma." >> cold-hearted snake. >> another one. you have trash to treasure. >> i do. this one is really sort of out of the box. normally, we have viewers who send in pictures and videos. a lot of people have those pieces that they don't know what to do with. even tiffany. she's not alone now. i got her back. and we went thrift shop shopping and creating. we will show you what we did. we have a whole lot coming up, including nicki minaj, live. first, let's get the news from josh. >> we're going to begin with the attack this morning at the embassy in tel aviv israel. a man, armed with a knife and ax, stabbed a security guard there.
8:03 am
the suspect was quickly taken into custody and good news here, the guard will be okay. meantime, as the conflict between the israelis and palestinians in gaza stretches into day seven, israel is holding off on a ground invasion to give diplomatic efforts a chance. secretary of state hillary clinton will arrive in the region later today. at least 110 palestinians and 3 israelis have been killed in air strikes and rocket attacks. more news as it becomes available this morning. meanwhile, four southern california men have been arrested by the fbi. accused of plotting to kill americans by joining al qaeda in afghanistan. authorities say the ringleader, who once served in the air force, was a follower of anwar al awlaki, the terror leader killed in yemen last year. and people in washington state and oregon are bracing for more rain today, after a record storm blamed for at least one death rolled through. sam has been telling us all morning long, heavy winds brought down trees. you can see here, crushing a car, igniting a fire. thousands of people lost power
8:04 am
again. sam will have an update in moments. and the massive explosion that tore through that neighborhood in indianapolis, earlier this month, killing two people, is now being investigated as a homicide. no suspect has been named. but the focus is on the home of the victim's neighbor. and we may be, in fact, playing it too safe with playgrounds. child development experts tell "the wall street journal," that worries about injuries and lawsuits have made today's playgrounds relatively dull and boring. so much so, that many kids have become less interested in playing outside, which could worsen the obesity epidemic. and finally, it took three hours. but city workers in jacksonville, florida, have finally cleaned up what you see here. they say, that a woman, furious at her husband's divorce, spray painted the new $350 million courthouse with broken hearts and other messages on the columns and sidewalks. she is being charged with criminal mischief. i just want to say, it's sad.
8:05 am
i do hope that everybody here finds a way to have some sort of happy ending. it's just not something you want to see. not at all. >> couldn't agree more. how about "pop news"? >> how about it? >> hey! >> happy tuesday, everybody. and to you out there. we begin with the latest supermodel sensation. move over cindy crawford. we want you to meet gorgeous grandpa. oh, yeah. check him out. gorgeous grandpa. that's a man, baby. that is the grandfather of a young fashion designer. she needed pictures for her online fashion business. she used her grandfather out of desperation because she couldn't find a model. and guess what. the 72-year-old's pictures, with his chic hair cut and slender frame went wildly viral around the world. i mean, like chanel is banging on his door now. he is the new "it" guy. i don't know if chanel is banging on his door.
8:06 am
but they should. >> he really looks good. >> should we expect to see him at fashion week, you may be asking? probably not. he told the interviewer, at his age, all he wants to do is being happy and spending time with his granddaughter, and i quote, made him very, very happy. >> oh. >> he's a chic guy. >> that's great. grandads will do anything. they really will. >> and he looked good in those. he was rocking the outfits. >> i'm kind of jealous of his legs. i'm not going to lie. >> it was a generous act. >> you're saying right now, girls, no? >> okay. hey, let's move on, shall we? we're approaching the danger zone. so, we move on to this. next time you're riding public transportation, remember, stay alert. you never know who could be sitting next to you. like, this guy. >> what? >> a girl sitting next to bradley cooper on a new york city subway, seems totally oblivious that she's sitting next to him. no clue. even though, other riders are sneaking pictures of him left
8:07 am
and right. the baseball cap and dark glasses didn't fool everyone. it was the a-team bag he had on the ground, there it is. he played face in the 2010 film. that was the giveaway. and again, this story has gone viral online. >> we saw his new movie over the weekend. "silver lining playbook." >> great? >> fantastic. >> really? >> you love "lincoln." you love, "argo" and now this. >> really good runs. >> yeah. >> we needed it. >> yeah. >> i know the lighting is overly bright in the subway. but when you're wearing sunglasses on the subway, it kind of says, hey. i don't want you to know who i am. >> don't look at my "a-team" bag. >> and, josh, will you know who i am. >> can't argue it. we have one more item to get to. and, sam, i wish you didn't have to go. but it's so sweet. it's an adorable new addition at the albuquerque zoo.
8:08 am
>> oh. >> a 3-week-old rhino calf has arrived at his new home. at the zoo. visitors will have to wait a few months to visit with him. he needs to get accustomed to the staff and the three adult rhinos he will be living with. the big baby is being bottle-fed because he didn't bond with his mom, but don't worry, he can hold his own. he weighed a paltry 132 pounds at birth. god bless his mother. >> at birth? >> how much did she weigh? >> if you could see my face. 132 pounds. and he will grow to weigh over 2 tons. that's "pop news." although, we do have our "pop news" quiz. a little food for thought. what did jessica biel just reveal on the red carpet about her husband, justin timberlake? was it, "a," that they're both taking time off work? she's going to sing on his new album? or that she hopes he'll direct her in something? we'll let you know after weather.
8:09 am
we have to get to sam. what a great bunch! get outside. get outside in times square. and join us for the preholiday explosion here in times square. so exciting. tell me your names. >> julia. >> julia, where are you from? >> louisiana. >> louisiana. can you show everybody the scarf? i love that scarf. i haven't seen that yet. let's lay it out over the thing. what does it say? it says new york, new york, new york, new york. it's gorgeous. i love it. i might actually borrow it for the rest of the afternoon because it's still a little chilly this morning. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning. we're going to start with a live shot out of houston. there's very low fog. if you look out in the distance. it's thick, it's low. and this morning, it's going to take a little time to burn off. if you're driving in houston, take it easy. but the high temperatures will be amazing. take a look at the next several days in the west. l.a. will warm up, 80 degrees by friday. phoenix has a warm-up, as well. and today, it's beautiful later on today, in places like texas, all the way around the gulf coast. north florida, you're beautiful. nice and spring-like for the middle of the country.
8:10 am
might put me out of a job for a couple days, it's so gorgeous. >> so, i just asked, how did you get the great corner spot? everybody says you have to get here early in times square. we're in times square. all right. so, we're in times square. but let's go back inside to -- >> lara. >> sam, you have tips galore today. here's what's coming up on our "good morning america" morning menu. do you want to look fabulous on facebook? a brand-new way to fix your flaws online.
8:11 am
paula abdul is also with us, live. talking about "dancing with the stars." she's a big presence on that show now. and it's one of our biggest trash-to-treasures ever. can't wait to show you our transformations. all that and so much more on "gma," live in times square.
8:12 am
8:13 am
all right. here's the answer to our "pop quiz." jessica biel just revealed to "sunday funnies" she hopes husband, justin timberlake, directs her in something. josh, you got it right. "c." she wants to be directed by her husband, in a music video, or a movie. she just wants to be with her man. and we want to be with this lady.
8:14 am
nicki minaj joining us live on "gma." ♪ do you ever wish we had ipads... to practice math more? i love math! but two ipads means two data plans? that's crazy. maybe not. with at&t mobile share, adding an ipad is just $10 a month. but honestly, mom and dad's love is all i really need. we should keep these for us. we should keep these. what?! [ male announcer ] at&t mobile share. add an ipad for just $10 a month. one plan. up to 10 devices. at&t. rethink possible. it's all crossed out... it's 'cause i got everything on it. boom! thank you! [ male announcer ] black friday's back. savings start thursday at 8 pm. with electronics starting at 10 pm. the first and only place to go this black friday. walmart.
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can get you a great deal on the items you want? i don't know! let's go see. vizio 60" smart led for $688. that's a $310 savings. that is amazing! the first and only place to shop this black friday. savings start at 8pm thursday, more electronics at 10pm. walmart. [ cheers and applause ] all right. now, to the latest way to look your best on facebook and everywhere else your photo might show up. airbrushing is no longer just for celebrities. you, too, can turn back the clock or banish the blemishes, with a click of a button. abc's nick watt, who needs no photoshopping, explains. >> reporter: celebrities have benefited from artificial enhancement for years. and now, we can, too.
8:17 am
the key in this age when our online persona is arguably more important than the reality. >> the days of that, you know, that bare, fresh face, no retouching are kind of behind us. i think we're all moving into an era that is so easy to do. >> reporter: i found some guinea pigs in our newsroom. my buddy, michael, didn't get much sleep last night. no biggie. there you go. >> ha. >> reporter: before. after. josh before. josh after. and brandie -- i'm not even going to mess with perfection. i'm working with professionals right here. but there's no ration enhancement app. can deal with mount st. helens on your skin. but there are drawbacks. >> if you're into online dating, that's not a good thing to do. you're going to show up to meet
8:18 am
somebody and not look like that picture. and you're going to see someone's face just fall. >> reporter: a quick troll of, shows we don't know our best side. and to get too enthusiastic with your primping tools, then the reality will come as a crushing disappointment. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> not at all, nick. it's "dancing with the stars" time now. we have a special guest, paula abdul. last month, she took a seat at the judge's table. tonight, she performed. and now, we want to get her expert opinion on all of the ballroom moves in the last night semifinals. good morning, paula. i think we can hear you now, paula. thanks. we lost the sound for a second. tell us, first, what about shawn and derek last night and that "knight rider" bhangra. >> first of all, i would have
8:19 am
loved to have been in the room when they were deciding how to put those combinations together. it blows my mind. i look forward to them. >> he's some choreographer, isn't he? >> he is amazing. he is a force to be reckoned with. he's brilliant. and she is. he makes the most beautiful routines for shawn. she's having the best time. >> he tailors them perfectly to his partner. >> i agree. >> kelly and val tied for last place. but last night, they did something that i don't think we've ever seen before. they actually danced on water. >> i thought -- for me, i thought their routine was very inventive and technically very challenging. i thought they were wonderful. >> obviously, they're into each other. >> it doesn't hurt. i would say, when everything fails, go to the speedos. >> there was an outcry on twitter about her rumba scores. do you think they deserve better? >> i personally feel they did deserve better.
8:20 am
i do. >> last night, there was also the tribute to michael jackson. his mom was in the audience. for the tribute of her son. which of those routines was your favorite? >> they were beautiful. there were so many. i really loved "dirty diana" with tony and melissa. i thought that was a brilliant routine. >> they've been doing a great job all season long. >> i know. it's been incredible. this season is so exciting to watch because you don't know who is going to be on top of the leaderboard. and they're all really -- they're raising the bar with the creativity and being inventive. it's awesome. >> we can't wait for your performance tonight. you put out a little hint. "forever your girl" music video. can you tell us more about what to expect? >> well, it's very exciting for me to be able to go back and revisit four of my hit songs and to rerecord them and put together a wonderful medially that is, in my head, it's called the "dream medley."
8:21 am
it's everything i've wanted to do. and a place like "dancing with the stars," they allow the platform to do amazing things. i'll keep my fingers crossed that everything happens today. it's all interactive. i hit my mark. >> a lot of great fans here, denise in our control room, says you're bringing everybody back to high school. with those great songs right now. one final question. double-elimination night tonight. who do you have your eye on? who do you think is going to go all the way? >> you know, i've got to tell you, every single one of them is surprising every week. and i think that individually they have raised the bar and they've hit their own personal best many times. it's just very exciting to watch. i have no clue whatsoever. that usually doesn't help that i have no clue. >> it has been an exciting season. good luck tonight. cannot wait to see you perform tonight. and all of you at home can see paula perform and which dancers are heading to the finals tonight on "dancing with the stars." 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. >> thank you so much, george. it is time, now, sam.
8:22 am
>> trash-to-treasure. >> indeed. we asked you to send us pictures and videos of furniture you want me to work, my magic, i guess. my three "r"s. rescue, recycle, and reinvent. thousands of you did. including celebrities, who know how cool second-hand style really is. ♪ children behave >> reporter: she was so famous in the '80s, she only needed one name. ♪ i think we're alone now >> reporter: and almost 25 years later, tiffany is still performing, as we saw on "gma" last year. ♪ i think we're alone now >> reporter: but what i was surprised to learn about this former teen queen, is we share a common passion. >> hey, lara, it's tiffany. i just opened a vintage boutique store in white house, tennessee. i'm on the hunt for really cool pieces. >> reporter: since tiffany has eclectic place, what better place to meet up, than this bohemian mecca known as the brooklyn flea.
8:23 am
between the two of us, we can get this done. our mission, to find one-of-a-kind, inexpensive finds, that will be perfect for her new vintage store in tennessee. >> a chair as your customers are trying things on. one down. it's metal. i like this is shabby. >> right. we want shabby-chic. >> what about using something like this as a frame? >> like a picture frame? >> i love that. >> reporter: this oil painting. doesn't that look great? like he's peeking out of a doorway. >> like a big canvas. really cool. >> that's even grander, doesn't it? >> look at that. that's pretty fabulous. >> reporter: with a few do-it-yourself tricks. >> this is super cool. a little bit of spray paint and water, it creates voids where the paint won't stick.
8:24 am
and you immediately get this antique finish. >> this piece started out natural. and then, black. and then, white. i'm sure we never imagined it would be half pink. but you know what, it's going to an '80s icon so this is appropriate. this was an old fireplace. we're going to cut notches in the painting. these are already here for us to mount the painting, too. tiffany, are you ready for the big reveal? >> i'm ready. >> flea market find number one. sam? >> let's go. >> i love it. i love the color. it's going to go so perfect in my boutique. and this is the colors we talked about. you nailed it, girlfriend. >> you said a black cushion. i had this made for you. i measured the diameter. but going to the big box stores like marshall's or t.j. maxx. it would have been $10, if it had been store-bought. >> i love this. >> item two. this is very eclectic.
8:25 am
very tiffany. and very one-of-a-kind. ready, be careful, josh. >> it's heavy. >> all right. original artwork. and tell everybody what you think of this guy. >> this has a story behind it. this is the creepy, creepy guy that we're going -- this goes in my artist room in my store. and it's going to be the funky funk room with one-of-a-kind pieces. >> use it as a picture frame. use it as a mirror. and i love original art because it's one-of-a-kind. it's you. it tells a story. >> you're going to scare everybody that comes to your house. >> i love him. >> that was not easy to put together. >> i'll bet. >> finally, item number three. this isn't so big but it's a really cool thing to try. tiffany loves candles. she's going to bring this on tour with her. the big reveal. you wanted an antique gold finish. >> thank you. it is stunning. i'm going to rock this on stage.
8:26 am
>> you are. >> me and my candle will go places. >> and the trick of this is, use spray paint and water or desensitized alcohol so the paint doesn't totally stick. you get that antique finish. >> do you cover it with water first? and then spray it or spritz it? >> at the same time. there's no way to mess it up. now, we have six seconds to break. tiffany, we love you. let's go. and nicki minaj, coming up. good morning i'm kristen sze.
8:27 am
breaking news from the peninsula still major delays on the caltrain system after a man was killed by a northbound train at charleston avenue crossing in palo alto. the investigation is continuing. caltrain was providing bus bridges between the stations but is now single tracking. there are delays up to more than an hour with no express runs. trains will be stopping at every station. let's get the latest from sue hall. over an hour delay, maybe even an hour and 20 minutes for some of the northbound trains. some of the southbound trains have a little less of a delay maybe 45 to 50 minutes. avoid that if you can, vta bus good alternate. back-up at bay bridge toll, earlier accident toll lane three cleared now you can see very slow approaching the tolls. >> we'll talk to mike about
8:28 am
8:29 am
welcome back. clearing trend in the east bay we had shower activity earlier, a few showers through the santa cruz mountains possibly southern sections of san jose wet weather moving out of the north bay. stray shower still possible, anywhere [ cheers and applause ] whole bunch of excitement here in times square this morning. we know that song, "starship." that means nicki minaj is here this morning.
8:30 am
she is here live. there's so much going on. >> she has a new record, new perfume, new hair. >> how about that hair as well. >> she looks fabo. >> and you'll be talking to her in a couple of minutes. >> we also have rico here, from "modern family." rico rodriguez. is he excited or what? >> yeah, we're going to talk about your new book in a little bit. >> oh, yeah. it's called "real-life lessons so far." >> so far. >> oh, yeah. >> the kid moves product. all right? >> absolutely. hey, also, love having our carla hall here. we're counting down to thanksgiving. and carla, the last time you were here, you made recipes so good, it's on my thanksgiving menu. looking forward to that. >> that mushroom tart. it getting e-mails about it, why we ate so much. where is sam? where is that sam champion? >> i'm over here.
8:31 am
we're over here. this is brad keselowski. by the way -- give him a big welcome to times square, you guys. 2012 sprint car champion. good morning, sir. nice to see you. thanks for coming, by the way. i have to say, this is some -- i thought you had the extra tip on the lite beer when you made the win. that was a nice win. but at 28 years old, what does it feel like to go through the checkered flag? >> it's awesome. we finally did it. i've got a great team. and i'm the face of some 300-some people. but i get to drive the car. and it's a lot of fun and it's fast. this car goes about 230 miles per hour. i was glad to be done and be a champion. >> i couldn't believe, this can't seriously be roger penske's first championship. >> yes, it is. >> after how many years in racing? >> this is his -- it's about 35 years. >> almost 40 years. >> in nascar. but in indycar, please won the
8:32 am
indy 500 over 15 times. he's done a great job there. first championship in nascar. the we're proud to be in times square, representing. >> sports. we never get sports on the show. congratulations. >> josh, by the way, coaches me on everything that is all-sports related. >> thanks, josh. >> i have to ask you a question. almost a lara spencer question. you would say you have won, that maybe you could date a celebrity. i'm just saying, that right here on "gma," we could make this happen. >> i'll bet you could. there's a couple i want to meet. and one of them might be jennifer love hewitt. i would like to meet a few. people say how is your life going to change now that i'm a sprint cup champion? i say, i hope i get to meet a knew celebrities. >> there's one. one more to work on. >> one more. why just one? >> all right. you and i will chat afterwards. we'll get a list. we'll try get this figured out by the time we get to valentine's day next year. >> valentine's day? >> why not? welcome him back to times square. let's get to the boards. >> thank you, guys.
8:33 am
>> we'll start with a couple of maps. what's going on. basically twitter and facebook pictures. beautiful shot of new mexico earlier today. and boulder. gorgeous skies over boulder. some of the most beautiful skies you'll ever see. in comes this front. one low. the second one. the third one is offshore. we don't give you a break from this until early thanksgiving morning. you'll get a break, with lighter showers. then, it will be drier by the weekend. that cold air will dip in. and look at friday. and black friday, if you're doing shopping, minneapolis, chicagoland, denver, kansas city, your thanksgiving is incredibly comfortable. the day after, not so much. >> we're going to peel around times square. i mean i got you here to drive me around, right?
8:34 am
you're going to drive me around, right? >> you want to get in? i'm sure i can open the window. there's no passenger seat. >> i can see you're busy. >> i can see you're busy. have fun, sam. the mega star nicki minaj is here this morning. straight off of winning two american music awards sunday night. singing two dynamite songs. and changing outrageous outfits four times. she has a brand-new cd out called "pink friday: roman reloaded, the re-up." and in january, nicki joins "american idol" as a judge. we're thrilled to have her back here on "good morning america." >> good morning, how are you? >> i'm great. you look fabulous. >> thank you. >> you look pink. very appropriate. >> absolutely. >> congratulations on your two, big wins. what was that like on sunday night? >> it was very surprising. all i could think about, the first award, i have to do my performance. i went up there to accept my award, i was a little bit like, you know, weirded out. but i had such a good time. and i told them, the producers
8:35 am
at the amas, they treat everyone so well. and they make us so comfortable. when you go out on stage, it feels like a family atmosphere. >> these award shows all have their own personalities. >> right. >> you hear a lot of oscar nominees talking about the oscars being nerve-racking. and the golden globes being fun. >> and the grammys is a completely different thing. but with the vmas, i find that i'm more on-edge at the vmas. but the amas, something about the way they do it. i don't know if it's not we're in trailers and we're in the dressing room. i don't know. but it feels way for more comfortable. >> you song a duet with justin bieber. how did that go? >> that was interesting. >> first time working with him that way? >> yes. and i was surprised when they asked me to perform with him on the amas. of course, i was like, i can't turn that down. the song i just -- everybody loves the song. okay. it will be a good thing, i guess. >> watching the duet right now. you don't exactly sure about it,
8:36 am
nicki. >> no. i love it. i was just looking at the body grind, the little moment there that we did. i was, like -- we never really rehearsed it together. >> really? >> everything was just, like, so quick. i had rehearsals the day before. i had to go on and try on outfits. when i got up there with him, i felt like, okay. let's make sure everything works. >> right. >> i get my cue and i walk out on time. >> that must be nerve-racking. >> it is. >> to go out and do it cold. >> it is. we went through it. but it wasn't like an actual full rehearsal when i had my voice in my ear and all that stuff. >> tell me about the new album. it's actually a re-release of an album earlier this year with seven new songs on it. new songs on it. >> yeah. it's a re-release with the new songs. but the new songs are -- they're more like gigantic to me. it's weird that it's a re-release. but it feels like a new album to me. you know, obviously, "freedom"
8:37 am
is the first single that we performed at the amas. and we just dropped the video yesterday. i'm really excited about the music on this. >> you must be excited. and you have a new perfume. like you don't have enough on your plate. >> right. >> i have to read from your press release. musky with fruity note, creamy vanilla, musk woods, juicy notes of star fruit, italian mandarin. caramelized pear, and woody notes. >> exactly. >> i'm going to put some on. and have the best day of my life with it. >> absolutely. that's what it smells like. it smells nice. a warm, pretty smell. >> a warm, pretty smell. >> on top of it all, "american idol." you're going to be the tough judge. there's a new promo out by "american idol," showing you showing a little bit of tough love. >> really? when did that come out? >> in today's papers. and some contestant says, what did you think of my song? did you like it? and you say, no. >> i did?
8:38 am
>> yes. >> well, it's -- i don't know. well, you know what? i wouldn't consider myself a tough judge. i would consider myself an honest judge. >> okay. >> that's all i'm doing. i said before, i want them to leave with the truth because i feel like the truth has always fueled me to get better. sometimes, you know, that really doesn't help if you're going to go back and perfect your craft. they're not coming there for everyone to say, you're great. they're coming there for us to tell them how we feel. and we represent the viewers at home. >> there had been reports of friction on the set among judges? >> yeah. >> is everything okay? >> yep. >> and i heard that you might do a duet with mariah carey? >> i was kidding. >> is that a joke or for real? >> i was kidding. but she's been one of my favorite artists of all-time since i can remember. it's weird that, you know, everything was blown up like that. but it didn't make me happy at all.
8:39 am
because she knows how much i adore her. some of my best childhood memories with my mom, are to mariah's music. i can't deny that. i can't take away what she's done. and i'm into pop culture in general. and having one of the most amazing voices in the world. having said that, i'm an adult. and we're passion not on the and we're passionate on the set. sometimes when you're a passionate woman, sometimes it ruffles other women's feathers. but i'm going to continue to be nicki minaj. >> well, i think everybody would -- that's why you were selected and that's why your fans love you. congratulations on the new album, the new perfume, the new judging gig. we're going to be watching. >> hi, baz. >> thanks, nicki. coming up, "modern family" star, rico rodriguez, takes us behind the scenes of his smash show, with his brand-new book, "life lessons so far." we got it, rico.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
happy crowd outside this morning. we're having all kinds of fun with rico rodriguez. our special guest this morning. we have a chance to talk to him about his new memoir. "reel life lessons so far." i have to start out with a question. memoir, 14? >> yes.
8:43 am
i know it sounds crazy. i learned so much in my 14 years of life. i want people to know what my life was before in california. >> one of the things you confess. you're saying, there's no shame in being a self-confessed momma's boy. >> it's true. i'm not afraid to admit it. why not? i mean, i love my mom. i really do. >> we're seeing your family there. you grew up in texas. college station. you're a big aggies fan. >> yes. >> and you didn't really know you wanted to be an actor. that was your sister's dream at first. >> my sister, who is on a disney show right now. she wanted to start acting first herself. and i was very shy when i was younger. >> not anymore. >> not anymore. but whenever we moved to california, after a year of being there, i, like, you know what? after seeing what she loved to do, i wanted to do that, too. i told my mom and dad. mom, dad, i want to do this, too. and they were kind of shocked, me, being the really shy one. oh, my gosh. okay. let's do it. let's get on this. and i stuck to it.
8:44 am
i did acting classes. that's where i really broke out of my shell then. and now -- >> now, we can't get you back in your shell. >> exactly. >> the rest is history. >> it's paying off. you're doing so great on "modern family." we're going to do a sneak peek of something from next week. take a look. >> manny, it's beautiful outside. go on and enjoy your green thing. >> you don't have to win a medal. just have fun. >> doug finishes with the most medals no matter what. i think he invites me because of my skin color. >> sports isn't your thing. but you've got to step out of your comfort zone some time. and for god sake, change out of those wing tips. you're a kid. you're not nixon on the beach. >> all right. i'll put on my sporty shoes. where are they? >> they're still in the box. and don't forget to take out the paper before you put them on, okay? >> they're called sneakers. >> i love that. sporty shoes. >> sporty shoes. >> manny likes smoking jackets.
8:45 am
likes espresso. >> yes. >> quotes shakespeare. are you anything like manny? >> some things i am. i love my mom. we love our moms. and we're passionate about life. everyone on-set, who is closest to their character in real life? and who is farthest away? >> i would probably have to say ty is close to his character. yeah. he's so much fun on set. he's a big kid. i love it. and maybe eric who is farthest from his character. you know, but they're all so great. they're so funny in their own ways. >> we love watching you guys. we're also going to learn, you have a lot of backups. you're going to direct a movie. and magician at well? >> yes. >> ridiculous rico. >> that's my stage name. this trick is called the three little balls. and the three little cups. there you go. you do it like that. place the first one on top.
8:46 am
snap. it will fall right through. as you can see. it's solid. now, we're going to do this. stack two. and they both come down. it's still very solid. now, i want to do is put this in my pocket. now, what i want you to do, george, is wave your hand over it. magic hand wave. and the three pops down. and there's three, little balls. >> ridiculous rico, fantastic. thank you for sharing that this morning. writer, director, actor, magician. rico rodriguez, thank you for being here. "reel life so far" is in stores. and "modern family" go to on yahoo! thanks a lot for coming in. and coming up here, thanksgiving sides with carla hall of "the chew."
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
[ cheers and applause ] we are counting down to thanksgiving. so much to plan. so much to cook. and carla hall from "the chew," is here to help. and today, we embrace the butternut squash. >> it's your friend. >> we're embracing the butternut squash. if you liked the mushroom tart from "cooking with love." >> how did you notice? >> the recipes in "cooking with love" are fantastic. the mushroom tart is in there. this is a tart tartan. >> it's usually done with fruit. we're going to do it with
8:50 am
vegetables. peel the butternut squash. onion, and garlic. and we're going to add a little olive oil. just a coat. we're going to do it like this. turn it on to a sheet pan. complement, lara. >> add over the shoulder. best of luck. >> a shell layer. it's going to go into the oven at 400 degrees to roast, for 15 to 20 minutes. >> easy, breezy. >> then, we take some lemon juice and some honey. oh, my god. we're going to have a steam bath. this is all about the beauty. >> honey. is it all right to have a little bit of a sweetness? >> they have to caramelize. the tart tantan has to caramelize the veggies.
8:51 am
>> it's not a race, sam. >> i'll make whatever you want. i'm going to put thyme, fall flavors. sage and lemon zest. then, we're going to take all of the squash around like this. right? like that. so, we're going to put that all in. >> how long does that stay? >> then, we put the top on, like this. put all it in. you have to make it look pretty. >> of course. >> then, here's the deal. you have the crust that you love. you're going to take this crust. >> it's the best. >> and put it right on top. >> it is the best. >> and they were telling me, the crust is supereasy to make. >> it's so easy. >> don't be scared. you can do it. >> and i made a butternut squash salad with apple vinaigrette. that's on the page, 31. i want to tell my family. i want you to to help me with
8:52 am
thanksgiving. momma, you're page 31, butternut squash salad. >> 111, skillet corn bread. 127, do not miss the mac and cheese, whatever you do. >> exactly. >> and it is thanksgiving, after all. page 213, the pan-seared turkey, please. >> exactly. make it easy for you. >> all of these recipes are fantastic. it's "cooking with love." we do love you. thank you so much. great thanksgiving ideas. all of the recipes on on yahoo! and see carla every day on "the chew," 1:00 p.m. eastern. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
our thanks, again, to carla
8:56 am
hall of "the chew." and a big day tomorrow, lara. the biggest trash to treasure, ever. >> we're visiting some of the victims from hurricane sandy. >> wow. >> okay. >> have a great day, everyone. >> bye-bye.
8:57 am
8:58 am
good morning i'm kristen sze. there are two strikes taking
8:59 am
place in the bay area in morning. workers at the port of oakland are on strike so are nurses at 10 bay area hospitals operated by sutter health. the hospitals have hired replacements. >> meteorologist mike nicco looking at the rain. absolute . most of it is ending as we had -- -- as we talked about, a few radar returns maybe a few sprinkles looks like we have to wait get heavier rain into the north bay. it will be dry for thanksgiving. major caltrain delays earlier fatal accident at palo alto now cleared both directions tracks are open expect residual delays. accident southbound 880 at announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the series "parks and recreations," amy poehler.

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